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    Wink Iíve gone through too

    Hello~ Can you help me say this naturally please?

    A: that’s strange, expiry date says, this soya milk still has 1 week to go but it is off already, even became sticky.

    B: Oh, yeah,
    ⓐI’ve gone through too,
    ⓑI’ve been there too,
    ⓒI have the same experience too,
    that’s why I don’t buy this brand of soya milk.

    A: then why you didn’t tell me when I buy this.

    B: I didn’t notice you were going to buy that.

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    Re: Iíve gone through too

    A: That’s strange. The expiry date says this soya milk still has 1 week to go, but it has gone bad/off already.

    B: Yeah, that's happened to me too. Which is why I don’t buy this brand of soya milk.

    A: Why didn’t you tell me that when I bought it?

    B: I wasn't paying attention to that when you bought it.

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