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    help!!! there is stuff wrong with this..i just can't figure some of them out!

    Steph Fremstad
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    February 24, 2009

    The People of Poverty

    Itís a horrid world; everywhere you go there are people living out on the streets, just hoping that someone will come along, and give them something; a little push to get their lives moving on the right track again. Anything, anything at all that would help them feed their families, give them something to hope for, or maybe just something to look forward too when they have nothing at all.
    If you walk down the streets of some of the biggest cities-the small ones too-and the countries that hardly have anything, youíll see families living on the streets, lying on cardboard scraps, and covering up with torn newspapers. Many poverty stricken families donít even have that to give them comfort. They lie on the side of the cold streets, shivering in the dark, frigid night, just prying to make it through another nights choke hold. In some countries, children loose their parents to diseases, starvation, or the governmental authorities and are forced to take care of themselves, as well as their brothers and sisters. Sometimes they often go without eating to the point of starvation so their younger siblings can have more of a substantial meal, caring more for their familyís life.
    But poverty is not just limited to people living on the streets. Itís people not having enough money to help their families through very tough financial situations. Itís when parents are unable to send their children to school, or they donít have enough money to buy the necessities needed to take care of the ones they love. Poverty is having shortage on a shelter to keep each other safe, clean safe drinking water and all things that determine lifeís survival.
    Everyday families all over the globe loose everything to poverty and no one ever considers any of this as something to stand up for, or to take notice of. Every single person on this planet of ours takes everything available to us for granted. I do it; I know my friends do it too, as well as everyone else on this world of ours. We donít realize that everything that we have, it could all be gone tomorrow. What we have is a privilege, a gift to make our lives better and that should never be forgotten. We freak when we are unable to go somewhere, or if something gets taken away from us, but these people, they have, basically, lost everything, and we never even stop to think, we go to bed every night with a blanket or a pillow, and some donít even have that.
    If we spent one week with only the clothes on our back, and were left in a strange city where we donít recognize a single face around and where we live on no thing but our own skin, maybe then we could actually learn something and someday poverty would end and the world would actually start to become a better place. But if we donít try, try and help the people living through poverty, the world would be the same as it has always been, people having nothing, fights between different races and different religions, and people hating other people because of how they live, or how they were brought up. It might even get worse, but one thing that will stay the same, families will be in poverty and people wonít even try and make it better.
    There are so many things that have played a part in the cause of poverty, there are so many that no one would ever be able to name them all. Some of those causes are recession; the great depression caused a huge incline in the amount of families in poverty throughout the world, and caused many people to lose everything that they had. Families were forced to sell everything yet they were still pushed to poverty. Democracy, weak rule of law, and erosion also forced families to become poverty victims.
    When there is a cause of something, an effect usually follows quickly behind. In this cause, poverty has many effects. While living through poverty, families have suffered from diseases, and deaths, theyíve dealt with violence, drugs, and pregnancies, and also Malaria and AIDS. Children, who are forced into poverty, they usually end up becoming victims or they cause violence themselves. Poverty victims are also less immune to many diseases; therefore their chances of incurable diseases are much higher than anyone else. Children born into poverty normally have low birth weights and may end up dealing with physical or mental disabilities while growing up, and more times than not, poverty can cause families to become homeless.
    Poverty has been around for the longest time, and there really is no solution for it. Organizations such as ďONE,Ē ďPoverty Fighters,Ē and ďFreedom from Hunger,Ē have been raising money for poverty for years, it has helped, but there is never really any solution for it. The only way poverty could possibly end, or even start to diminish, would be if people actually stopped to think about everyone but their selves for once. If people actually considered for once that there are more people out there who need our help, maybe someday, poverty would actually disappear. At least start to, but if people donít, poverty will continue to exist, and there will always be people out there who will think, oh well, itís their fault for living the way they do, or it is not my problem. They donít understand that it was never these families fault in any way. Most try every single day of their lives to help their family find a better life, to get them out of poverty. These people living through poverty are strong people, they go days and days with out having the things that we have, and most of these people make it to see the next day. More people need to actually understand, not understand, because no one ever does. They need to actually look at these people and realize, they need help, and that poverty needs to end.
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