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    Exclamation Help me please

    Hello and good morning!

    Could you help me? Which is the correct way:

    a) I was watching the movie Matrix or I was watching Matrix - the movie?

    b) How long do you spend studying? or How much time fo you spend studying?

    c) Can I say that my boyfriend is scented?

    d) I ask the students what their doubts are. or I ask the students what are their doubts?

    e) He kicked the ball strongly or heavily?

    f) Spell it for me or to me?

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    Re: Help me please

    a) Both are correct. 'the movie Matrix' is a noun+object complement structure.
    b) I wouldn't rule out the first one, but the second one is better.
    c) Try, smells nice/good.
    d) I asked the students if they had any doubts. I asked the students what their doubts were. 'what their doubts were' functions as a noun clause, headed by an indefinite relative.
    e) He kicked the ball forcefully ~ with force.
    f) Spell it for me, please.

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    Re: Help me please

    or if everyone knows it is a movie, you could simply say "I was watching 'The Matrix'"

    "Last night I was watching 'Terminator 2' with my friends"


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