Listening to radio is more enjoyable and practical than watching television. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Listening to radio and watching television are both entertaining, but some people believe that watching television dos not have so much fun and useful information as listening to radio. I disagree with them because listening to radio can not counter with watching television in many ways.
In the first place, television carries more information than radio. For example, people can watch programs, interviews and news with pictures and motions on television, whereas via radio, it is hard to tell what is happening by only using words. Those images and scenes on television not only can tell the story but they can also bring the audience closer to the story by showing them the real situation. As a rule, people can see the faces of the speakers on television so they know where those words come from. These kinds of information, in effect, make the activity of watching television more enjoyable and practical.
Another reason that I think listening to radio is not as good as watching television is that the programs on the television are usually more up-to-date than radio. For example, the broadcasting companies usually commit more resources to latest news while radio stations often lack the resources to find the information. In addition, radio stations also can not afford to produce big shows to entertain people.
Despite of the advantages of watching television, there are some benefits to listen to radio which we can not overlook. For example, because the television is usually very large that it is easier for us to carry a radio while travelling. Under this circumstance, a radio is more practical and gives us more fun on our trips. In addition, the portability of radio makes it a perfect choice to be with us while we are doing other activities such as sports or studying.
In conclusion, although listening to radio may be enjoyable and practical in some situations, watching television is a better choice because of its rich information and its up-to-date feature. I believe that in the future television might become smaller and replace radios.