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    asking about vaccum and occur

    what does mean vaccum in below sentence:
    It,s an important to note that skill development don't occur in a vaccum.we have to ready for it and keep conserdrition.

    if my sentance is litel bit wrong or misplace the word in it . please rewrite and poste my with correct place's word.

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    Re: asking about vaccum and occur

    When something occurs (happens) 'in a vacuum' - note the spelling - it does what it does without being affected by anything else.

    'It's an ['important' isn't a noun] important to note that skill development doesn't occur in a vacuum. We have to be ready for it...'.

    I've no idea what 'conserdrition' might be. 'We have to keep it under consideration'? If it's that, 'keep/bear it in mind' would be better.



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