Essay about different cultures and ethnic groups in a country
How would be our feeling if all people be identical and “cloned”? Which garden could be interesting,When all flowers and trees have the same shape,color ?different ethnics and cultures are product of a long time periods,and this differences improves the level of total culture of a country,but also prepares the occasion for amusement and entertainment.

Human even though had common origin ,but from thousands years ago due to living in geographically-separated and different environments gradually attained different languages ,cultures and customs.which,most of these sides of human life during hundreds of years formed ethnic groups ,and all special symbols formalized in oral or written regulation or rules that had been teaching from parents to children and so on.

In countries that several ethnicity exist ,I believe , total society panorama is like a mosaic with various beautiful colors ,beside each other, forming beautiful picture .Although ,there are several opinions, but democracy bases on different groups .Such a condition helps preventing unilateral governing without any this differences that may be assumed as a threat ,really,amplifies the total countries social power.

Even,the life and culture of any ethnic group is very normal for themselves,but as this is different with other peoples in a country it is very interesting and full of amusement for either citizens or foreigners to visit all part of an ethnic life.Every year millions of people traveling to see cultures,costomes and ways of “strange life”.Tourists expend their money for local clothes,foods etc.

Simply understandable that all different ethnics and cultures neglecting their origin,reinforcing social power and making a foundation for amusement and leisure.