Could you help me with this question.

The Parties undertake to keep secret the information received from each other or from third parties and related to fulfillment of the Agreement, supplementary agreements concluded in the execution of the same and any other information obtained in connection with the Agreement independent of the means of obtaining such information.

Let's have a look at this pattern in an Oxford dictionary (please, write "keep" here: )

11th meaning is our case.

11 ~ a secret | ~ sth secret (from sb) to know sth and not tell it to anyone: [vn] Can you keep a secret? * [vn-adj] She kept her past secret from us all.

We can see that the pattern must be

[VN-adj] She kept her past secret from us all.

In other words we should place a noun between the verb and the adjective. No other pattern is possible.

But let's have one more look at our initial example. It seems quite Ok because the noun hase a vast attribute. In this case it seems quite logical to place it before the adjective (secret).

But how I can explain it from grammatical point of view, I don't know. It seems to be a violation of the norm. Then it is a stylistic jurisdiction. But on the other hand this sentence doesn't seem to be stylistically marked.

Could you help me examine this question and also hint at where in the Internet I can read something about in.