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    Talking How long did you spend to adapt English lecture

    Hello~ Can you help me say this naturally please?

    A: English is not my first language and even more it is my first year first semester so Iím a bit nerves about it.
    ⓐHow long did you spend to get used to English lecture?
    ⓑHow long did you spend to adapt English lecture?

    B: Don't worry, two or three months will do.
    ⓐIn the beginning,
    ⓑAt the beginning,
    I was same as you, I was so stress out and worried.
    ⓐEven I lost appetite couldnít digest any food.
    ⓑEven I lost appetite couldnít stomach any food.

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    Re: How long did you spend to adapt English lecture

    How long did it take you to get used to lectures in English?
    (Why are you nervous?)

    Also, try:
    Don't worry. It will only take two or three months. I was nervous like you at first. I didn't have much of an appetite, and I couldn't hold food down.

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