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  1. Unregistered

    the phrase 'same old 7 and 6'

    I'd like to know the root/true meaning of the term 'the same old 7 and 6'


    Julie Reid
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  2. Nahualli

    Re: the phrase 'same old 7 and 6'

    Wow..I've never heard that expression before. I'm interested now.


  3. AintFoolin

    Re: the phrase 'same old 7 and 6'

    "Unfortunately for you," he wrote, "the expression - which is as old as the hills - is 'The same old seven and six' which add up to the unlucky number of thirteen. Hence when you ask someone 'How are things?' and the answer is 'The same old seven and six,' it means
    No luck!"

    edit: I'd never heard it either
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