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    Generally I don't clearly understand lyrics.

    This is a song titled 'Bruised':

    I've got my things, I'm good to go
    You met me at the terminal
    Just one more plane ride and it's done

    We stood like statues at the gate
    Vacation's come and gone too late
    There's so much sun where I'm from
    I had to give it away, had to give you away

    And we spent four days on an
    Island at your family's old hotel
    Sometimes perfection can be
    It can be perfect hell, perfect...

    Hours pass, and she still counts the minutes
    That I am not there, I swear I didn't mean
    For it to feel like this

    Like every inch of me is bruised, bruised
    And don't fly fast. Oh, pilot can you help me?
    Can you make this last? This plane is all I got
    So keep it steady, now

    Cause every inch you see is bruised
    I lace my Chucks, I walk the aisle
    I take my pills, the babies cry

    All I hear is what's playing through
    The in-flight radio

    Now every word of every song
    I ever heard that made me wanna stay
    Is what's playing through
    The in-flight radio, and I
    And I am, finally waking up


    1 What's done? Does it mean 'I have to be separated from you'?

    2 I'm not sure of 'too late'. What is too late?

    3 I don't get what the phrase 'Sometimes perfection can be It can be perfect hell, perfect...' mean.

    4 I don't get the scene. Where is she? And where is he? On the plane?

    5 If he is on the plane alone, what's the point of his request to the pilot?

    Sorry it's too long
    Thank you in advance

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    Re: Bruised

    it's done - it's over; it's finished

    Usually vacations end too soon, not too late.

    She is not on the plane. ("...she still counts the minutes that I'm not there.")

    Maybe the lyrics are suposed to be a bit mysterious.

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