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    tools of the trade

    Can the expression "tools of the trade" be used to mean something similar to "it comes with the territory"? or "the seamy side of the job"? Meaning "unpleasant things one has sometimes to perform as a part of job". Besides the obvious meaning "these are the tools of the trade", I sometimes heard people use it to mean "well, these are the tools of the trade (whether I like them or not)." I always took it to mean that it was part of the job and whether the person liked it or not, he/she had to do it.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Re: tools of the trade

    Carpenter's tools:
    Some tools of the trade (carpentry).

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    Re: tools of the trade

    Tools of the trade usually refers to the tools a craftsman would use in the course of his employment.

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