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    check-up, get through

    Dear teachers,

    I have two questions to ask:

    I gave the car a thorough _______ before buying it.
    a. inspection b. check-up
    The key is 'a'. Could you please kindly explain why 'b' isn't correct?

    The company ______ the crisis by obtaining a low-interest loan from the bank.
    a. got round b. got through
    The key is 'a' but I think it should be 'b'. Is that right?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: check-up, get through

    2. With this one, it depends on whether it was the company itself that was in crisis -(got round)- or some external crisis, such as a national economic crisis.-(got through). This is not clear from the rather bald sentence.

    1. Machinery is inspected for faults; people have a check-up to see if they have any early signs of a serious medical condition developing.

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