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    Help - Really appreciate it


    I am currently in my third year of university. I have chosen English as an additional language as the title for my dissertation. I am due to carry out interviews on members of staff at a school tomorrow. I was wondering if anyone here would like to help me pilot the questions by either answering them, suggesting any ammendents that might be needed to the questions, rearrange the ordering of my questions, any additional questions or just any suggestions really.

    Here are my questions

    Did you choose to teach in a school with a high proportion of EAL pupils? Why?

    What teaching qualities do you feel an EAL teacher needs?

    When an EAL pupil joins the school, is an initial assessment made on the child? Who carries out the assessment?

    What are your opinions on a child attending an initial English programme before they start school? Do you prefer the idea on an after school programme? The child is then experiencing both being in a setting and not feeling isolated and has an opportunity to develop their English on a more one to one basis.

    The issue of EAL pupils sometimes being referred to as a child with SEN has been debated over the years. Is a child immediately put on the SENCO register at this school?

    Do you thinking being an EAL learner impacts on the child significantly? Why?

    What strategies do you use to help meet the needs of EAL pupils?
    How do EAL pupils relate to and interact with their fellow pupils and staff at school?

    Have you encountered any difficulties? What are the biggest challenges you face when teaching EAL pupils? Possibly the silent period pupils go through?

    What do you believe are the biggest challenges facing EAL pupils?

    Do you think acquiring a new language is easier for younger pupils? They are learning the language young and therefore have more chance throughout school life?

    What are the seating arrangements for pupils? Are EAL pupils all sat together? Are they sat with the more able peers within the classroom? Or is seating just random such as Boy/Girl?

    Is there a buddy scheme in operation in the school? How are pupils helped to integrate?

    Do you believe role play is an effective strategy to help pupils during the silent period?

    How are EAL pupil individual needs accommodated for during literacy hour?

    Are dual language signs put up around the class, visual displays?

    Are pupils cultures incorporated into the curriculum?

    Are there sufficient resources in the child’s mother tongue?

    How significant do you believe the issue of keeping the child’s native language is? Limited opportunities to use their language can leave the child feeling very isolated and confused

    Communication with parents is a crucial part of education. How do you communicate with parents?

    What steps are taken to encourage the participation of EAL parents who may experience difficulties with the English language?

    Do you use translators and interpreters when required or is there a lack of funding for this to take place? If so who do you use? Pupils, family members etc

    Do you believe there is a need for regular training in all aspects of EAL?
    What type of extra support would you like within the school? More funding, qualified EAL staff, bilingual practitioners, translators?

    Thank you


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    Re: Help - Really appreciate it

    We had to do something similar last year. (It was a group-work, though) But my group made-up some of the answers. And I even asked my mom to imagine to be a teacher and help me answering those questions....
    Just be creative....

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    Re: Help - Really appreciate it

    Haha thats cheating though. I will get all of my answers from the staff when I interview them. I am just looking for any improvements on my questions or the ordering of them


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