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    Post Emily Dickinson Poem Analysis Help

    Could someone please tell me what this poem is about?

    Tie the strings to my life, my Lord,
    Then I am ready to go!
    Just a look at the horses --
    Rapid! That will do!

    Put me in on the firmest side,
    So I shall never fall;
    For we must ride to the Judgment,
    And it's partly down hill.

    But never I mind the bridges,
    And never I mind the sea;
    Held fast in everlasting race
    By my own choice and thee.

    Good-by to the life I used to lives,
    And the world I used to know;
    And kiss the hills for me, just once;
    Now I am ready to go!


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    Re: Emily Dickinson Poem Analysis Help

    Hi -

    Before posing a question to this site about the analysis of well-known poems by well-known poets, you may first want to review existing scholarly analyses available on the web.

    To do this in regard to the Emily Dickinson poem that interests you, supply the following search terms to Google:
    "Tie the strings to my life, my Lord" "Emily Dickinson" analysis
    Good luck!

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