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    Unhappy grainy photograph of money at play

    There is a phrase from Lee Child's Killing Floor I don't understand:

    The sort that uses grainy photograph of money at play. (Description of a rich men which looks like an ad).

    Can you help mi with this?


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    Re: grainy photograph of money at play

    hey !!

    I think that it all depends on the interpretation you know, but as a student who is in 4th year of English literature,

    i will understand this : rich men are spending their money wrongly, and it is a comparison with photograph who could use bad materials,,,,,,

    anyway we really need more information as far as the context is concerned!

    thanks ! take care!

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    Re: grainy photograph of money at play

    I think it could possibly be describing a sort of dishonesty.
    Maybe the author is trying to say that things are unclear. Maybe where the money is being sent, where it came from, what exactly it's being used for, etc.

    I think if we had more information, such as the entire paragraph that it is found in, we would be able to determine what the exact meaning is.

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