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    I need help in order to help someone

    I know a man from Russia who is very intelligent (has a medical degree) and has moved to the United States. He has learned to speak English on his own through a class and through TV. He asked for my help so that he can speak, read, and write English better. I have no clue how to help him. I do not want to insult his intelligence by giving him low-level worksheets but I'm not sure how else to help him. I only see him once a week for about 20 minutes through our job but he has asked me to help him with worksheets and stuff to practice on. Can someone please give me a suggestion on what I should do?

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    hey !

    I had exactly the same situation, first of all you must give him a kind of general exam, you know , vocabulary, grammar, some essay-writing and see his standard. After that you could try to see some grammar points together, and usually the had some problem as far as the syntax is concerned.

    but one hour is not enough..... you must try to see more often guys, I know it 's difficult but it can be a piece of solution.....

    see ya

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