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    State Secretary of Foreign Affairs

    This is not so much a language but a cultural knowledge question. What do you call the department the state secretary of foreign affairs is in charge of? I'm talking about each individual state, not the US Department of Foreign Affairs. For example, the State of California's Secretary of Foreign Affairs. Is he in charge of an Office? Department? What is the name of the department?

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: State Secretary of Foreign Affairs

    To my knowledge there is no such office. The Office of the Secretary of State handles foreign affairs within each state, though they are limited in their dealings.

    "Since the early 1980s, many states have increased efforts to develop direct commercial relations with foreign nations. In several of these states, the state's Secretary of State has been given primary responsibility in this area. Despite this, there should be no confusion of the duties of a particular state's Secretary of State and those of the United States Secretary of State. The prohibition of the United States Constitution[10] against individual states having diplomatic relations with foreign states is absolute; these recently-evolved duties are of a purely commercial nature."

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