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    value,fight behind the screen,

    My sweetest and respectec teachers,
    1 : "Free things have no value" correct?
    2 : As people use Yahoo! and they fight in the chat rooms by abusing so can i say that "I don't fight behind the screen"
    3 : "Keep pressed this key while pressing the key 'c'"

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    Re: value,fight behind the screen,

    Dear Twilit,

    1. Free things COST no money - The word 'value' can mean material worth but also carries with it the connotation of worth to the possessor. "My daughter values her old torn blanket because I made it for her." As you can see, free things can actually have great value to the one who inherits them. The gifts you are given cost you nothing hence they are 'free' but I am sure you would agree that they you do value them.

    2. Because I do not chat on Yahoo! I can not tell you what the typical slang is that would be used here, but you can certainly say "I don't fight onscreen".

    3. "Keep pressing this key while pressing the 'c' key." or "Press this key and the 'c' key at the same time" or "Press this key and the 'c' key simultaneously."

    Hope my answers were helpful to you.

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