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    Proper use of a comma in this sentence

    We are having a debate about the use of a comma in the following sentence. Is a comma necessary or proper after "VA" in this sentence?

    A big thanks to Jenny Compton of Baskerville Hochheiser Ross Hospitality Division in Richmond, VA for selecting us for the Sheratan Mahwaw Hotel located in north Bergen county, NJ.

    Please note that I am not a teacher.

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    Re: Proper use of a comma in this sentence

    The comma is not necessary after VA. A couple of tips to help you in the future:
    1. Think of this sentence without the city name. "A big thanks to Jenny Compton...of BHRH Division in Virginia for selecting us..."
    2. This sentence has a long string of prepositional phrases which do not normally need to be separated by commas: 'to Jenny C.' - 'of Baskerville...' - in Richmond, VA' - 'for selecting us' - 'for the Sheraton...' - 'in north....'

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