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    k.o. criterion

    Could anyone give me the definition of the phrase "k.o. criterion"?

    I am not sure it classifies as an idiom, if yes maybe we should include it...

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    Re: k.o. criterion

    I've never heard the phrase. K.O. is short for "knockout." I n professional boxing, there are probably criteria for what constitutes a knockout. Knockout is also slang for beautiful woman, so it might be about that.

    Can you tell us more? Has anyone else heard "K.O. criterion"?

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    Re: k.o. criterion

    I don't remember exactly the phrase where I encountered it, but it was more or less like: "he used such and such methods in order to evaluate his results, this is a k.o. criterion therefore the results are worthless".

    If you search in Google for the "k.o. criterion" you'll get many examples:

    - "Ecological Standards are a K.O. Criterion”"
    - "Loosing the good IDE support for properties in the case of the "i18n:key" or other "prefix" solution is KO criterion for me."
    - "The provision of a Web-OPAC obviously was a “must”, i.e. a KO criterion."

    I think that "knock out criterion" makes sense in a weird way.

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