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    request for advice about letter thanks

    Write a letter as an employee,and offer some suggestion the development of the hotel
    Dear general manager,

    I write this letter to offer a number of suggestions ,for development of Marin Hotel.As you know I have had a grate job experience ,and with this background I can easily compare and evaluate the hotel condition with several different hotels.

    Firstly,one of the most important part of a hotel,doubtless,is lobby,thus the modern and luxury lobby,the more attractive for visitors.Therefor some urgent revisions for lobby is essential.for example a wide 3D screen.

    Secondly,many modern hotels ,nowadays,using programmable card system for room entering ,which is more easier and secure ,also these cards might be used in other services like lift ,sauna and swimming pool .Meanwhile our old key system have difficulty of use and managing.

    Finally,any traveler,tourist and business person ,now,needing to wireless internet system due to different motives.This service ,fulfills the costomers needs,also could be a source of viable income for hotel,thus installing this system is the most necessary need.

    I hope this suggestions be helpful to improve our services .

    I will be pleased if have your opinion

    Yours truly,
    John Mollen
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    Re: request for advice about letter thanks

    Dear general manager,

    I am writing this letter to offer some suggestions for the improvement of Marin Hotel. As you know I have had a good amount of job experience. With this background I can easily compare and evaluate this hotel with several different hotels.

    First, one of the most important parts of a hotel is the lobby. The more modern and luxurious the lobby, the more attractive it will be for our guests. I believe one of the revisions for the lobby could be one or more wide screen TVs.

    Second, many modern hotels use a programmable card system for room entry. This is more convenient and adds a level of security. The cards could also be used in other services like the elevator, sauna and swimming pool. With our old key system there is a degree of difficulty of use and managment.

    Finally, most travelers, tourists and business people now need to connect to a wireless internet system. Providing this service would fulfil the customers' needs and could be a resource for additional income for the hotel.

    I hope these suggestions are helpful to improve our services.

    Pleased let me know your opinion.

    Yours truly,
    John Mollen

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