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Thread: Full of pork?

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    Full of pork?


    i remember couple of weeks ago when the American media discussing Obama's stimulus plan some critics said that this plan is "Full of pork". What does that mean?


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    Re: Full of pork?

    Same question here ?

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    Re: Full of pork?

    Each senator has his his own interests, and represents special interest groups. You can buy his vote by adding unrelated items to the legislation. These items, which have nothing to do with the original purpose of the bill, are the 'pork'.

    For example, lets suppose the bill was about reducing factory pollution. One senator would say, "You can have my vote, if you build a new bridge in my county". So this is added as an extra clause in the bill. Another senator asks for something else. The final draft of the bill is "full of pork". It is, of course, bribery yet each senator will say he is only looking after his electors.

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    Re: Full of pork?

    ...And the origin of what seems on the face of it quite an odd term is explained here: Pork barrel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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    Re: Full of pork?

    got it
    many thanks

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