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    Exclamation Please correct!!! Cause and effect essay.

    Please help me to correct this, punctuation, grammer, spelling, issues with the thesis. Our teacher is verry strict so every little thing must be exact. Thanks to all who help.

    When asked as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up; I was always quick to answer “I want to become a teacher.” The question that was not asked was why I wanted to become a teacher. I probably would have answered because it looks fun or because you get to tell people what to do, that is defiantly not the case now. I want to become a teacher because I have teachers that I still go to for advice, it will show my kids how important and education is, and I will have an effect on our world’s most precious commodity, its youth.
    It all began with Mrs. Pollard , Mrs. Marsh and Mrs. Worlick they were just ordinary teachers at Westend elementary school do their job. Little did they know that they were opening the door to a little girls dream to become a teacher. They taught with such love and compassion and had patience far beyond compare. They never got upset or screamed at us even thought they had showed us how to do something twenty times and we still had not learned it. They made getting an education look simple and fun. In three short years they went beyond being my teacher to becoming my role models. I wanted to be just like them, I wanted to teach.
    I am now working on accomplishing that dream, but now I have three small children of my own so becoming a teacher is more important to me than ever. It will set the same examples for my children as these teachers did for me. By my children seeing me in college I am communicating to them the importance of setting and meeting challenges not only in school but in life also. Fritz Redl is known for his phrases “Monkey see monkey do” and “Do as I saw not as I do.” According to Redl monkey see monkey do is the most reliable approach. That is what I am going for, they will watch me progress through school and obtain a job
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    as a teacher and see that working hard and stretching their mind is the only way for them to reach their full potential.
    Also in becoming a teacher I will have the opportunity to relate to children in a variety of ways, learning and bettering my own skills whilst teaching them. It is said that teachers are often the only positive role model a child sees all day, I will be that person. There will be other teachers in my field, but there will be only one me, and there for my instructions unique; there will be students that I can reach that no one else can. I will be their mentor, their role model, their inspiration and friend; they will remember me and my impact on their life. I will have the opportunity to shape their world.
    In the end I am sure I will do things differently than the teachers who sparked my dream of become a teacher, but I will do enough the same for their styles to carry on through at least a few more generations. While I am a teacher I will take the morels and knowledge I picked up from them and pass it down to my children and the many other children I encounter during my teaching career.

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    Re: Please correct!!! Cause and effect essay.

    I have it in paragraph form, I am not sure why it is not showing that in my post.


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