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    feeling complicatied to understand

    • Self-awareness brings confidence. Having a greater awareness of who we are, and waht our strenghts and weknessses are, can be a remendous source of confidence which can allow us to operate from a much stronger position
    • self -awarness can also inspire confidence in the people we are working with. If we give people the impression that we lack self-awareness,then it is unlikely that they will have much faith in us, or set much store by what we we are trying to achieve.In this way, confidence can be seen as infectious-it is passed from one person to another.
    • The importance of the Think-feel -do-framework has already been commented upon. The'feel' dimension is one that is often neglected.In order to be able to become attuned to other people's feelings, we need to be'in touch'with our own feeling. aware of how stuations are affecting us emotinally.
    • Rogers(1961) uses the term,'unconditonal positive regard' to decribed a non-judegemental attiude. making judegement about people can be barrier to effectiveness, and so it is nessory to have a positvie regard for the people we work with them. act of Regardless of any possible judegements we migh make of them.Unconditonal positive regar require a degreee of self-control and discipline which, in turn, rely on a degree of self-awareness.
      • In additon to regnizing the impact our own behavoiour on others,we also need to be concious of the impact of other peopls actons and attriudes on us.This is a major point to discussed in more detail below .When the importance of 'triggers' and 'blind spost considered.
      • self-awareness also relevant in terms of dealing with prjudice,discrimnation and oppression we live in socity characterized by diversity-that,is culture ,gender age and so on make up a very diverse society.practice is based on recgnizing this diversity and its signiicane stress mangemnet and the issue of self-awareness willl also feature there.
      • similary, chapet 8 looks at the need to continue learning - continusous professional development. as it has become known. Knowing waht you need to learn and the best ways of learning it.depends, very much on having a degree of self-wareness.
    • This cerainly not an exhautive list but shoul be confirm that self-awaness is an imporatnt issue that we need to understand and act and react upon . In order to take us a step further in that directon, let us now explore in a little more detail how self-awreness (or a lack of it) can effect other people.
    Sir I have been checked those world from dictonary and could understand so that way I am refferying you thanks
    thanks for giving respons
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    Re: feeling complicatied to understand

    Can you write here what you understood the phrases to mean?

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    Re: feeling complicatied to understand

    sir I have check every thing as I told you before
    please understand me . sir I know meaning but I don;t mange paper
    I would be very thankfull to you if you could do that

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    Re: feeling complicatied to understand

    On this forum, we are great believers that people should make the effort to do their own work. Unless you make an effort, you will not learn.

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    Re: feeling complicatied to understand

    sir please try to understand me I can read english is better, but sir I could' t uderstand the whole sentantence and link. some time one world meaning use too many sentance and u I don;t undestand, that way I reffer to you were I feel difficult I send to you, I am trying to afford my english , . In the uk I have been for 3 years but I can understand the prnoucioation but could't understand the meaning of them that way I could't understand the communication english people or radio so I have start to read and Where I have found difficulty I send to you . please do me a favour . god make you happy always. thanks.

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