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    Red face Animal Farm

    He (the author) must have had a fertile imagination to have written such a story. Giving animals such human characteristics and developing everyone’s character in depth(thorough) is not an easy thing to do. However, George Orwell carried out that huge task with brilliance. Through his character's behaviour, this famous author popularized one of the most important twenty century realities, a historic event. He allowed, thanks to his talent, the population to understand that complex phenomenon. By reading this book, through its lines, you will be opening up to the outside world, to realize some international stakes and their raison d’etre. You will get the timeliness to solve some previous and actual conflicts, to analyze them and their relevance. In brief, you will grow up on your moral aspect. Your comprehension of the world will improve and become more profound. You will discover every Russian Revolution and communist government applications secrets…

    Could you correct that text? Thank you...

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    Re: Animal Farm

    That post is almost identical to a previous one on the same subject.

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