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Thread: Dear Napoleon

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    Red face Dear Napoleon

    Dear Napoleon, if I made the decision to write to you that letter, it is because you stirred in my mind that feeling which clouds myself, frustration. In fact, I was not able to understand your behaviour, I could not see a single valid argument to forgive your acts.
    Could you correct that text?Thank you for your help...
    You, Napoleon, encouraged the animals to start feeling hopeful again by showing them how their life could be improved without humans in their environment. You lied to us in order that they would approve your ideas, your concepts. However, that represents only the tip of the iceberg of your nasty domination. Actually, you managed to make the other animals believe everything you wanted them to, that Snowball was a part of John’s team for example. You backed your power and your influence on the others with fear, fear created by your dangerous dogs. You laid down strict rules to the others but you, you flouted them as much as you wanted: you got every right and no obligation. You took advantage of the animals’ ignorance to strengthen your authority. Pigs were your apostles, they followed you, no matter which way you took. Napoleon, you were not able to manage control although you were ready to do whatever was needed to achieve your goals. In brief, the only thing you hoped for was to have command and to satisfy your own needs.
    To conclude, because you were never aware of the others and your only concern was your own well-being, I simply dislike you. I disapprove your actions. Maybe, one day, if you changed your mind and you improved your soul, I could forgive you…

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    Re: Dear Napoleon

    Napoleon was aware of the others. He just didn't care about them.

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