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    Question Correction of a text

    Could you correct my text please? Thank you for your help...

    I was, at that moment, six years old and I was about to meet somebody with whom I would develop an important relationship, a particular one that I will never get twice in my life for sure. Like any child of my age, I was trying different activities to find which ones fit best with my personality, my talents and my tastes. After soccer, ice skating and gymnastics, my parents didn't know anymore where they could register their dear daughter. That situation could be explained by my character which tended to be indecisive. Indeed, after spending a certain time practising the same thing, I became, every single time, to grow tired about the sport in question and I embraced something different.

    However, that phenomenon didn't occur with tennis, perhaps because of the attractive and unfamiliar colour of the ball which represents an essential element of the sport (you can't play without it). After a shiny summer day, I had lived my first tennis lesson with Alain, my coach at that period. Through his job, he could share his passion, become an example for those young people who saw him like a professional player although it was
    not the reality. He wanted to show us every little one of life's pleasures, to convince us that life could be funny and enriching at the same time. His joie de vivre was contagious. It represented such a great part of his personality and he hoped to pass it on to us! Of course, Alain didn't fail once in his task. He always had shiny eyes, a festive heart and a great spirit! I will always remember the pleasure I felt, playing with a racket and hitting balls all day long. At first sight, Alain and I developed a special relationship, a friendly one. We shared the same personality and the same passion for tennis. He bore a peculiar energy which entered my young life as a fresh spring breeze. There was no shortage of opportunities to have a good laugh! As the years went by, I continued my progress in that fabulous sport with Alain who was not my trainer anymore because of my reached level. However, our friendship never disappeared, in spite of our age difference.

    For the time being, although he is now a police officer in Baie-Comeau, we stay in contact and every time he comes here, at Rimouski, we try to meet each other on a tennis court, the place where we first met!

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    Re: Correction of a text

    Please, help me qith that text. I need the final version for today... I really need your help... Thank you!

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