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    I'm not sure of the following problems. Please give me your opinion. Thanks very much.

    1. His illness first ___ ifself as severe stomach pains and headaches.
    A. expressed B. manifested C. reflected D. displayed
    The answer should be 'B', right?

    2. as we know, computers are used to store and ___ information efficiently.
    A. reclaim B. reconcile C. reassure D. retrieve
    The answer should be 'D', right?

    3. Although he was on a diet, the delicious food ___ him enormously.
    a. distracted B. inspired C. stimulated D. tempted
    The answer should be 'D', isn't it?

    4. At first everything went well the project but recently we have had a number of ___ with the machinery.
    A. disturbances B. setbacks C. outputs D. distortions
    The answer is 'D"?

    Thank you very much!

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    Re: vocabulary

    All are correct, except 4. Sorry. Try one more time. Hint: if the machine breaks down, then it sets us back a few hours or even days.

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