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    if you can take ownership

    Hi everybody,

    I would like a word that means the same as can in the following:
    What does she mean in the first sentence by saying if you can take ownership?

    "Try to see it this way. If you CAN take ownership for the choices you make regarding smoking, junk food, excess alcohol, lack of exercise, and many of the stress factors in your life that can exponentially increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, you put yourself directly at the driverís wheel. "

    Thank you

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    Re: if you can take ownership

    can = are able
    to own = to take responsibility for, to claim as your own

    She's saying that if you are able to take responsibility for your behavior, you can change your behavior.

    In other words, if you blame someone or something else (your parents, your partner, your boss, your luck, your genes, the world) for the things you do, you won't be able to change.

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