Ielts topic: Being alone or with friends?

Are there any absolute phenomenon in human life ?Human-related matters could not be measure by arithmetic rules;thus any behavior or action may be assessed positive or negative .Stay individually ,even though helps thinking and mind-resting ,however ,is a sign of difficulty or disease .Being with peers ,although is full of fun ,entertainment and cooperation ,at the mean time may cause difficulty,trouble and disturbing.

First,when you want to pondering during important decision ,or resting your mind after critical discussion and busy challenging day the simplest and best way ,either for coping with problem or for recovery is being alone.Stay alone in a quiet atmosphere is ,sometimes , a type of treatment for mental disease cause by “machine-affected-life”.

Second,being with friend is essential part of life as we,human, are social creature.Through connection with friends we have several interaction ;sometimes helping each other to resolving problems or decreasing effects by sharing them.Also,friendship helps to have entertainment and fun.Therefor,normally,group sports are more attractive than single ones.

Finally,both being isolate and ever together have negative sides.Having bias to usually be alone is a sign of mental disease for example depression;also holding alone for instance in prison is a difficult suffering punishment for anybody.Being always with friends make limitation ,also prevent develop your private life and character ,ultimately will be miserable.

Like other parts of human life there is not any clear yes or no answer to question about collective life.Being alone let us to think and attain steady formation after unbalance condition ; meanwhile it is a sign of disease .While,being with friends have positive effects like happiness and leisure ,but could be destructive if prevent private life.