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    course in adjective ending -ic and ical

    Dear Messers,

    I need more to know about an adj ending -ic and ical ,Idon't know the differences between them also, I tried the quizzes related to the above mentioned but I failed and my grade was 50 .

    your new student,

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    Re: course in adjective ending -ic and ical

    Hi safie, a very warm welcome on your first post:)

    Can you give us some examples? I dont understand your question very well:)

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    Re: course in adjective ending -ic and ical

    Mostly it depends on the specific word.

    For example, there is a great deal of difference between economic and economical.

    Economic has to do with trade or industry, or the economic developement of the wealth of a country. Economic growth, economic outlook in a country etc.

    Whereas economical refers to a service or a value in relation to the amount of time or money spent.

    The car is very economical (= it does not use too much petrol).

    So far as I know there is no rule that would clarify this question in general. There are words that are interchangeable but others are somewhat different in meaning and usage. I guess in most cases you have learn them.

    By the way, this ic/ical-dilemma has often been discussed here several times. So you might also get some useful hints by searching the forums.

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