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    vocab. differences


    What's the difference between

    1. salty and savoury
    2. raw and crude


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    Re: vocab. differences

    Quote Originally Posted by forum_mail View Post

    What's the difference between

    1. salty and savoury A dish which is cooked/prepared using spices and herbs is called savoury. Not necessarily salty. In culinary terms, a dish can be sweet or savoury.

    2. raw and crude raw is any food not cooked, processed, preserved etc., in its natural state, but can have many other meanings.

    "Raw" minerals are in the state in which they are found in the ground, like gold, silver, etc.

    "In the raw" may be naked, no clothes

    "Raw" can be used to explain a highly emotional state

    "Raw" and "crude" may also be used in relation to a comedian's
    performance, he/she would then be using coarse language.

    "Crude" is also the state of oil when it is pumped out of the ground.

    "Crude" can also imply a very simple thing like a drawing... eg. "The petroglyphs found in the rock face of Petroglyph Provincial Park are very crude."

    A good actor will be able to show "raw" emotion in a performance.
    I am not a teacher.

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