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    Nother-Irish Conflict

    Good evening.

    Since our actual topic will lead us to the Northern-Irish conflict I have been recently searching for literature dealing with this issue.
    I am not searching for arid history books but for novels which give an impression of how normal people are feeling in this conflict regarding their fears, hopes and future.

    Should you know of any books comparable to my requirements I would be very grateful if you sent me a message.

    Best wishes Maluues

    Ps: Is it grammatically correct to say:

    Should you know of any books comparable to my requirements I would be very grateful if you sent me a message?

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    Re: Nother-Irish Conflict

    Dear Maluues:

    Perhaps you could take a look at:
    The Dynamics of Conflict in Northern Ireland

    Power, Conflict and Emancipation

    Joseph Ruane

    University College, Cork

    Jennifer Todd

    University College Dublin


    (ISBN-13: 9780521568791 | ISBN-10: 052156879X)


    "The bulk of their book is an exhaustive analysis of the causes of the present conflict, and it is full of insights; they draw as well on the intimidating body of literature the conflict has spawned." Washington Times

    Also, I went to Google and typed in 'novels, conflict, Northern Ireland.' Up came a very long list of novels on your topic.
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    Re: Nothern-Irish Conflict


    Thank you for your afford.
    I have started to watch out for these books yesterday and I am still searching.
    Since I am from Germany some literature cannot be bought in normal book stores.
    Therefore I am searching the internet and shops who might offer these books (
    I love books -reading them twice , thrice and so on is no problem at all- and a shelf filled with books but I don't like the price :P .
    That's why I am looking for inexpensive books.

    Again thanks for your help.
    If you know some books referring to the Northern-Irish conflict just post some.

    Best wishes


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    Re: Nother-Irish Conflict

    Try looking for them on which is a secondhand book site.

    Try also searching for books on the Anglo-Irish conflict.

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