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    Red face Just a simple question

    Hi! Im now teaching in a school where the amibivalent group makes me plan and replan classes.
    The problem with this group is that ages greately differ and thus makes it herder to work for me.
    What I would like to know is how to plan activities in order to contemplate both ages: younger (19 years old) and older (40 years old). My class is in the night shift so I have different kinds of thinking.
    Thanks and hope for a reply


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    Smile Re: Just a simple question

    hi yaz

    don't worry just be calm and try to do group activities, or choose general topics like pollution, world current finance crisis......and give them free time to answer and give their different viewpoints by helping them with some words to start. after that you will warm up the atmosphere and they will forget their generation gap, so you can do grammar point for everybody with exercises !

    goood luckk

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