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    My Two Cousins, Glenda and Robbi

    Can you please check my writing for punctuation and grammer? Thank you.

    My cousins, Glenda and Robbi, are as different as night and day. Glenda, who lives in the hot, sandy soil of Texas, is very much a Christian woman, and serving God is her main goal in life. Robbi, on the other hand, lives in the freezing winters of Ohio, and enjoys drinking beer by a blazing campfire. Glenda is a secretary at her church, so you could say she works for God. Robbi, an Assistant Vice President & Client Service Manager at JPMorgan, invest clientís money in stocks and 401(k) retirement plans. If one would compare the two at the stage of our economy right now, I believe I would rather work for God than with disturbing clients who just lost half of their money. Even though both women are married, their husbandís are just as opposite as the two women. Glendaís husband, Clyde, has a full time job, and ravishes his wife with gifts, unlike Robbiís husband, Steve, who is disabled and dependent on her to provide medical and financial care. Even though there is such a difference between my two cousins, I admire and cherish both of them; however, I am closest to Glenda.

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    Re: My Two Cousins, Glenda and Robbi

    Hi: Everything looks perfect except on your 5th sentence. The word should be "invests" with an "s" because the subject of the sentence is Robbi.
    Hope it helps.


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