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    (informal) question form without "do"


    In a conference announcement (an email message that is sent to several thousands of potential participants), would it be correct to first ask questions without using "do", i.e.,

    "You conduct long-term monitoring or research in terrestrial ecosystems and care about quality assurance or statistical analysis? You use long-term monitoring data and are concerned with international harmonization of results or multidisciplinary approaches of ecosystem health? You address impacts of global change and societal needs? "

    It first felt alright to do so, because it is not really an affirmation but not really a "yes/no" question either, but now I am about to push the "send" button and I am not sure any longer.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Best regards


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    Re: (informal) question form without "do"

    Although it is possible to form questions in this way in English, it is markedly less common than in French. Assertive questions in English tend to convey a certain level of disbelief on the part of the speaker, not something that you presumably wish to do here! I would suggest sticking to the standard form of English interrogatives with 'do'!

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