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    in a crunch/ cash crunch/ to beat a cash crunch

    Dear teachers,

    Here is a sentence from an English text with a very interesting expression which is closely connected with one my previous thread in the present Forum (in a crunch/ six-figured dive).

    “The common solution to all three unsolved problems --; open years, the cash crunch and litigation --; might be found in a single word: mutualisation. The pressure of events is pushing Lloyd's in this direction. NewCo will be mutually owned, like the central fund. If either ran out of cash, the burden would fall on all Lloyd's members.“

    Lately I read the article “6 ways to beat a cash crunch”. It has come to my knowledge that there are many different terms and expressions as expenses rising, incomes falling, credit tight, stop spending, pay off debt, get rate cuts, earn more interest, tap your equity, barrow against savings etc.

    Would you be kind enough to tell me whether the expression “beat a cash crunch” comes into common use in your area?

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: in a crunch/ cash crunch/ to beat a cash crunch

    "beat the credit crunch" is very common. I have not yet met anyone suffering from a cash crunch [though I know some who are probably in this position]


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