Hello everyone!

I am looking for any English students who kept a blog while they were previously learning English, or who are currently keeping blogs while they are in the process of learning.

If you could please give me links. I am currently in the process of doing some research on different schools and companies to work for, and I would like to read personal blogs. I am interested in the day to day life of an English student, and so I think that blogs are the best way to get that information! I would like to be able to learn the things that the students like or dislike in classes, their impressions of the schools that they attended, etc.

I am also currently keeping a blog about my experiences researching different schools, the school that I eventually choose to go with and why, things I've read or heard about regarding teaching English abroad, and (hopefully) my time there when I go.

My link is... Dreams of Teaching English Abroad, please check it out and leave comments if you have any additional information for me!

Furthermore, if you would like to be added to blogroll, please let me know.

I hope that this is allowed to be posted here like this.