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  1. hany

    A Joke

    Dear Teachers,

    what is the point of the following joke as it was
    difficult for me to understnd it

    It was the first day back at school after the
    Christmas holidays and the teacher was asking
    the class about their holidays.

    She turned to Mary and asked what she did.

    "We visited my grandmother in Worcester, which is
    in Worcestershire" she replied.

    "Excellent - two wonderful vocabulary words," the
    teacher said. "Mary, can you tell the class how to
    spell Worcester and Worcestershire?"

    Mary thought about it for a few seconds and then said,
    "You know, come to think of it, we visited my uncle
    and he lives in York."


  2. AintFoolin

    Re: A Joke

    when Mary said she visited Worcestershire, she was asked to spell 'Worcestershire', which is rather difficult to spell

    Since she didn't want to spell something so difficult, she changed her story to say that actually she had gone to York. If you notice, 'York' is quite easy to spell

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