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    words and meanings

    hi, my questions are:

    1- Why is it possiable to imagin the word Shelk as an english word?

    2- From the following sentences , what can we say about the membership of the diffrent word classes and why we are able to say this:

    a- she disscussed an earlier shelk which she had known.
    b- they sdistributed more shelks at the meeting.
    c- sara was shelking. when it happened.
    d- his shelkness is world- renowned.
    e- the picture has a shelky quality about it.
    f- she is a famous shelker from the south.
    g- the shelkily entered the room before the judge.

    thank you

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    Re: words and meanings

    1. Phonology: shelk follows English phonological patterns; e.g., /sh/, /lk/.

    2- Morphological patterns:

    a- singular noun (modified by an adjective).
    b- plural noun (modified by 'more')
    c- present participle; 'was -ing')
    d- noun (takes -ness suffix).
    e- adjective (modifies a noun).
    f- noun (ends in -er).
    g- adjective (ends in -ly).

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