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    Open admission policy-essay

    Professors in college tend to grade harder than high school teachers. Students in college are adults; they can decide whether or not they are capable to attend and pass classes in college. College should have an open admissions policy for everyone because it provides a second chance to individuals who didnít do well in high school, also non English learners can earn an education, and open admissionís can help technology to grow at faster rate.
    Everyone in life is rewarded with a second chance. Therefore, high school students should also be rewarded with another chance. To begin with, those students who recently graduated from high school still have the ability to learn; they should be competing with other students within their age category. In other words, we should let unsuccessful high school students have another chance through open admissions like a efficacious high school student. Secondly, some seniors in high school regret what they have done in the past. We should let high school students accomplish their goals in education. Finally, this initiative will help students to strive for a much better job in the future. For instance, kids who donít attend college might end up flipping burgers the rest of their life. Thus, community colleges should advocate bootless high school students to attend school without any admissions policies.

    Furthermore, non English speakers should have the same opportunities as regular American students. First, adult non-English speakers should be allowed to attend college without any restrictions. Instead, community colleges need to offer ESL courses to those people who are not familiar with the English language system. Next, there are international students who donít need remedial classes because their English is good enough to bypass classes as ordinary American student do. Besides they can use websites that can translate from English to their language; if they are not familiar with contents or words. Moreover, foreign students understand that they are enrolled through open admissions, they are adults and they can choose whether or not they can pass classes. For this reason, foreign or American will not pay money to fail classes.

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    Re: Open admission policy-essay

    I would like your input about my essay. Please take look at the attachement too.

    I need to write the last body paragraph and the conclusioin.
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    Re: Open admission policy-essay

    Is anyone going to answer my question?

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