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    Please check it for me and add any thing may make the essay better

    Our life gets complicated day after another. It dramatically becomes harder and this makes scientists do their best to facilitate our daily requirements. The computer is one of the most important devices in our life these days and it is necessary to be available in every single home. There are a lot of benefits from using computers because it makes life simpler and faster.
    There are several uses for a computer such as learning, communication and entertainment. First of all, letís start with learning. You can use the computer to do research in different sites in the internet and this will help you in studying. Moreover, if somebody interested, there are a lot of different computer programmes in designing, languages, math and others that contribute in self improvement. Also it can be used as a calculator or translator.
    As well as, computer is useful in communication because you can use the internet, which is the biggest network in the world, to know the news all over the world. Besides, now an individual can buy shares through the internet .In addition, computers can be used as a fax. One more thing is that an internet can be used to know other people habits and cultures and this will give you an experience of how to deal with them.
    Last but not least, computer is not only used in work, we can use it for entertainment like chatting with friends and make new friendships with different people. Furthermore, there are a lot of computer games that we can play in our fee time.
    To conclude, I think it is obvious that there are a lot of advantages of using computers in achieving our business and it is impossible to do them with the same quality and speed without the computer help

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    Re: Computer

    Quote Originally Posted by 1student1 View Post
    Please check it for me and add any thing may make the essay better

    Our life is getting complicated day after another.
    I've just picked up a mistake From the very beginning.

    Doesn't sound good, natives?


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