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    Hey, I am translating a document from Spanish to English. It is about an actress. In Colombia we have an idiomatic expression: "Tiene madera" (Has wood), meaning that has a talent that could be developed. Is there any IE in english meaning tha same?

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    Re: wood

    3. (cualidades)

    * tener madera de algo -> to have the makings of something
    * tener madera para algo -> to have what it takes for something

    4. Nature, temperament; aptitude. (Figurative) (f)

    * Tiene buena madera -> there's a lot in him
    * Tiene madera de futbolista -> he'll make a soccer playe

    Translate Madera into English | Spanish to English Translation


    figurative, colloquial flair, knack
    ella tiene madera de oradora she has a flair for public speaking

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