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    Question My last salary... my expectation... Please, can you check my writing?

    Answering this request from a recruiter:

    Hi xxxx,

    Sorry about that I have your CV already could you just confirm last salary and what you are looking for so I can send your details to XXXXX please?

    Kind regards

    II would answer:

    Hello xxxx

    It is a good question!

    In this bad moment where there are no many positions available I would expect any salary proposed but in answer to your question my last salary was xx,000 per year, but please do not consider it as it was just a contract which I accepted for working.

    My salary expectation is around xx,000 per year.

    Best Regards

    Can anyone check my answer?
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    Re: My last salary... my expectation... Please, can you check my writing?

    Crikey. One can tell you're not a cut-throat business man, the way you negotiate!

    Might I suggest you are conveying too much a sense of "beggars can't be chooses" in this tough economic climate - just a few crumbs and I'll be grateful! (I can understand that you probably really want this job, and don't want to come across too aggressively and demand too much in the way of a salary, for fear of overplaying your cards and not getting the job.)

    Better to answer the question directly and simply: he wants to know your last salary; and what you would expect to receive in this new position.
    What about something like:
    Hi XXX

    Many thanks for your email. My previous salary was xxxx ((don't say per year - your salary may be paid monthly, but in Britain anyway, when we are discussing 'salary' we mean the yearly figure), and I am looking towards a starting figure of YYY, negotiable.



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