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    I would like you to clarify me.
    As an Indian, I use ofen postpone/prepone words in conversations.
    I knew that these are not recognized according to the Dictionary.

    Can I have the synonyms for these words? postpone/prepone

    are these words correct?

    It would be better if you could give some some examples in this regard.
    Please correct me If i am wrong, I appreciate your help.
    Thanks in Advance.

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    Re: postpone/prepone


    I have to talk with you. We can't put off discussing it any longer.

    He delayed telling her the truth.

    She always delayed the work she didn't want to do.

    I haven't known 'prepone' before but I've just looked it up in a dictionary and come across a discussion about the usage of this word. Is it rather anglo-Indian?

    My suggestion:

    They brought forward the course.
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    Post Re: postpone/prepone

    postpone and prepone are absolutely correct antonyms.( origins latin ..prefixes post and pre to create equal & opposite words)
    >>few days ago a colleague bluntly refused to accept that the word prepone exited (ofcourse he is an american) most americans have never heard of the word.but it exits ,though it's falling out of use in British english as well..


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