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    I Don't Understand The Structure Of This Sentence...

    Journalism at its most vigorous, by contrast, tends to be propelled by the implications at least of the attitude epitomized by the Australian journalist John Pilger: "Secretive power loathes journalists who do their job, who push back screens, peer behind façades, lift rocks. Opprobrium from on high is their badge of honour."
    And I'm not familiar with the way the author words the sentence, like:

    "Journalism at its most vigorous" , does that mean "the most vigorous Journalism"?

    And my teacher used to tell us, to understand the structure of a lengthy sentence, a good approach is to simplify it, i.e., to remove the "redundant" words (adjectives , phrases, etc)

    So I simplified the above sentence as below:
    (Journalism)tends to be propelled by the (implications of the attitude)
    Do I get it right?

    Anyways, I still have difficulty understanding this sentence. Can you paraphrase it in an easier-to-understand way?? Thanks in advance.


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    Re: I Don't Understand The Structure Of This Sentence...

    Can somebody explain it a bit, thanks a lot!!!!

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    Re: I Don't Understand The Structure Of This Sentence...

    "Journalism at its most vigorous" is NOT a sentence.

    60 minutes is not journalism at its most vigorous level.

    "vigoruous" journalism is exciting, deep, investigative, revealing, well written journalism.

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    Re: I Don't Understand The Structure Of This Sentence...

    Say a newspaper prints the story:
    and how much this is good for shoppers and the local economy. Very nice.

    What say a reporter/journalist is at a party and someone from the Town Planner's Department is there, and after a couple of drinks, the person mentions that the site it's to be built on was going to be a children's playground.
    Does the journalist think, "Oh, what a pity. We needed a playground" and help himself to another canapé?
    Or does his mind start working, along the lines, who approved this change and why, since a playground is in the interests of all families in town rather than just catering to the single interests of some business developer.
    If he's a 'vigorous' journalist - one who is "investigative, revealing" (of the real truth about some issue), then he will dig deeper to find out just how planning permission was changed from the land being designated for a playground, to a business development site.
    He will "push back screens" -screens hide off areas of something you don't want people to see - he pushes them aside; he will "peer behind façades" - he looks very carefully and intently, and not at what people want him to see, but tries to get passed that and see what they don't want him to see, what they don't want him to find out about; so, figuratively, he "lift rocks", 'leaves no stone unturned", keeps searching everywhere till he knows the truth about the matter. Then the headline becomes:
    The mayor is not going to be happy that his corruption has been revealed. When the people who have the power in the community/world are revealed as corrupt, they pour out their wrath on those who have 'outed' them. So, praise from the newspaper editor, but from the big wigs, the powerful....well, the more the corrupt powerful ones in the world are exposed and removed by public pressure, the more the vigorous journalist has done his job! The better he does his job, the more he will be hated by those in power who have been exposed.
    Opprobrium from on high (we look up to the important, powerful people in the world, and see them as being 'at the top') is their badge of honour."
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