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    enemy / foe

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to tell me a few more words concerning the synonyms enemy and foe. I can’t see any difference between them.

    He was an enemy/ a foe to all people of good will.
    He was a sworn enemy/ foe of reforms.
    She was completely bewildered by what happened to their marriage. First they were lovers; and then, it seemed without transition, they were enemies.
    She tossed about the bed, calling out names, some of which I had never heard, but among them several times that of Mr. March; she called out his name in fright, she was trying to get away from an enemy.
    And I made plenty of enemies in business.
    ….your missis has not been my friend; she has been my foe.
    The Republicans are foes to equality, though most of them fight the battle against equality with the very word itself the slogan on their lips.
    But the war did not cease; though friend and foe alike were almost drowned in blood it seemed as powerful as eternity, and in time Tony Vassall too went to battle and was killed.
    He (the dog) had learned well the law of club and fang, and he never forewent an advantage or drew back from a foe he had started on the way to Death.
    The enemy/ the foe was / were forced to retreat.
    Our enemy/ foe is still strong.
    The enemies/foes were advancing.
    So far the enemy has concentrated his attacks on the Norman and Belgian coasts.
    Five or ten thousand enemies were within range of his vision.
    Passions are our enemies when indulged.
    Laziness is his chief enemy.
    Frost is an enemy to flowers.
    Envy is a foe to happiness.
    Idleness is a foe to virtue.
    Cleanness is a foe to disease.
    There enemies were..the false ideals, the unintelligent ideas imposed on them, th humbling, the hypocrisy, the stupidity.
    In the old days, Justice and its emissaries were regarded as the foe of mankind, so it was natural to interpose a civilian arbiter between death and the Law.

    Thank you for your effort.


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    Re: enemy / foe

    They are synonyms, but I wouldn't use "foe" except to rhyme with something. (Others may have different opinions.)

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    Re: enemy / foe

    Yes, I've seen the word 'foe' most used in short stories.


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