Hello :

I have translated 2 articles from Arabic into English , I just want you to correct the mistakes in them , and to say whether they sound good in English or not . Thank you in advance .

Here are the first one :

The beaty of the countryside :

Some consider the countryside as a kind of an exile , but I believe that I have spent there the best days of my life . as the countryside gave me the chance to continue my study , and to enjoy the beautiful nature . There , I had ever missed a day without waking up at 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning , and walk in the dewy fields during the nature's silence that brings reliefe . Then I wait till the sun rises and greet it , and gaze if in a prayer . However , there are thousands of people who do not have a single idea about such kind of prayers , and have never had that religious feelings of such connection with nature in those open fields . In fact , I wish I can return to that kind of solitude from time to time . By the way , one shall never neglect the sight of the moon in the country side , as it casts its charm upon everything . that is why the people who see the moon through the windows in the city , can not realize the real glamour of this planet .

It was originally written by Salama Mosa (Moses ) : A well-known Egyptian thinker and writer .


Here is the second one :

The cursed car ! :

I once had a car with which I had a very hard time . the problem was that , it exhausted all the fuel and gas , and it was not enough however . It was really a very difficult time , that it came up to my mind to connect its tank with oil-wells of Mosel ( a city in Iraq famous for oil ) . Moreover , its radiator was boiling like the boiler after just few minutes of driving , then the red light in the car began to flash as a sign of danger . as a result , I had to stop , and after a while continue driving , and the same thing happened every time I drive it .

In fact , that was the case in Winter , so , would it be in summer ? ! Actually , I started to buy ice instead of water , and fill the car's radiator with it . Furthermore , I had never driven it without putting boards of ice at the back seat .

Sometimes, I used to drive it with feelings of meeriness , content and satisfaction , however , after a while , I would hear a sound saying : Kr…..kr…..kr…… , as one of its back wheels got out of its track , running away in the street .