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    can you help me correct my text ?

    The name of my book is Surrender, by Sonja Harnett, an Australian author who won the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize in year 2002. She is best known as the author of young-adult fiction. The story is about a 20 years old dying psychopath man name Anwell. He lies in bed in his small childhood town, Mulyan, the countryside of Australia surrounded by mountains. When he slowly dies he recalls himself about his painful and lonely childhood life. At the age of seven he accidentally killed his handicapped older brother, Vernon, who is undeserved by reprimand (rebuke), loathed by everyone in family. After Venon died become the parentsí upset, sad, relive and frustration and in the same time become Anwell disgusted, unforgivable and some time tormented by his family and people in town but Finnigan. Finnigan is a dangerous, wild, unkempt and mysterious boy who lives in the hills beyond town. The two make a pact that from now on, they will be each otherís reflection: Finnigan will do just bad things that Anwell wants to do but canít and Anwell , adopted himself to Gabriel, will do only good things but ill , and this calls Gabriel for his surrender. To gather they make plans and share secrets each other. Gabriel has collect many small hates against the townspeople and several years later when fire grips his town so suspect Gabriel Fannigan as an arsonist without knowing that his own father is behind these arsons. The more each passing day, the less relationship between them. Surrender, Gabrielís dog which both Gabriel and Fannigan do love it very much, has been thief and robber lately after hanging with Fannigan so Gabriel forced to kill it to stop Fanniganís sprit in its blood.

    The book is a little hard to understand at first because many words are newly for me but it amazes me when I understand what every word she written means. Her describing is masterly and the fact is short but also hides answers of the book.
    The plot and the vocabulary are complex and many hint at things such as Gabriel killed his brother. This book is about fury, grief, lifelessness, failed bargain, dramatic, heartbreaking, and worrying, suspense and thriller. Surrender is some kind of book that many questions often raise while reading and the readers have a lot of thinking about ending. The book is slowly reveals more details about Gabrielís past and his horrifying secrets and keep you guessing until the very end then leaves many unanswered questions. The most interesting question is does Finniga and Gabriel exist or just each otherís imagination. The author seems capable for writing book about damaged children and make me feel extremely impressed, love them ,understand them and especially at the climax will also readers feel sorry for them.
    I would recommend Surrender to high- schooler who fancies a dark, horrible and psychological thriller novel. I would rate 8/10.

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    Re: can you help me correct my text ?

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