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    which choice would be better?

    Hi, teachers!

    There is a multiple choice question I don't understand. The passage is a little too long, so just let me show you a part of it.

    The following is a part of the long passage regarding how slow learners feel at school when they are always behind their classmates and discouraged by low grades.

    ....For this child (a slow learner), school is probably a maintenance situation at best and perhaps (1. more of / 2.less than /3.nothing against) a tradmill on which his incompetencies and resultant feelings of defeat increase as he marks time and stay in place.

    I understand #1. is the correct choice, but is #2 totally wrong?

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    Re: which choice would be better?

    Grammatically 2) is not wrong. But the author wishes to express a relation between two qualities. More than or less then (equal to) are the options and the real world facts, or his opinions, decide the choice.

    I think golf is more boring than tennis.
    I think golf is less boring than tennis.

    Are both correct, which you choose is your opinion.

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    Re: which choice would be better?

    No, N° 2 doesn't make sense even if it's grammatically correct.
    (NB Tread-mill).

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